District 11
The Whitley residences artist impression

The Whitley Residences. Rare large freehold land on elevated ground in a tranquil and prestige landed enclave. Good community to raise your family. Pocket foliage and stream of running water creates a line language for this tiered development. 

District 19
Parkwood Collection artist impression

Parkwood Collection. Tall matured trees with luscious foliage encompass the site. The beauty of sunlight filtering through the canopies, a powerful phenomenon. Dynamic spots of light, dance with the breeze that blows through the trees.

District 19
Nim Collection artist impression

Nim Collection. Embraced by nature, tranquility, and a kampong spirit that exists few places else, the Nim Collection heralds an exciting new chapter in the rich story of Seletar Hills. A residential enclave that continues a legacy of quality homes.

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